Virginia has stiff and extensive reckless driving laws. You can be charged for a reckless driving for operating your vehicle in a manner or at a speed that endangers the limb, life or property of any individual. The consequences of a conviction of reckless driving in Virginia depend on the facts and the circumstances. However, this is often regarded as criminal activity and is a class 1 misdemeanor. Consequently, convicted motorists often face a maximum fine of $2500, license suspension for up to six-months, and incarceration for up to twelve months. In addition to this punishment, negative points are also applied to their Virginia driving records.

Therefore, if you have been accused of reckless driving, you must hire a well-versed defense attorney who can understand your circumstances and best support your case in the court. However, the relationship between a client and lawyer is not always simple or straightforward in practice. That is why one has to be vigilant when hiring a defense attorney. Remember that choosing a wrong legal practitioner can cost you in countless ways, such as:

  • Worsen your case further which can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars or more to fix the matter
  • The lawyer may not support you properly in court and thus you might face harsher consequences than you actually deserve, like heavy fine and longer suspension of driving license.
  • You may lose the case. And once you are charged with reckless driving in Virginia, this may also impact your ability to avail great employment opportunities you aspire to win.
  • You may lose a lot of money not only on bearing fine but also paying a heavy fees for getting the legal representation


The ideal defense lawyer would be the one who has strong grip over similar cases of reckless driving and traffic violation issues, has developed good relationships with the courts and persecutors in Virginia, and has positive rating by his/her previous clients. Such a defense attorney can not only help you get the best possible outcome of your case, but also benefits you in many ways, such as:

  • The lawyer make you understand driving laws in Virginia and have optimistic thought about the case outcome
  • You become aware of your possible charges and their consequences
  • They will take care of all paperwork and filling tasks which are not always easy
  • They can rectify and fix your case which had be spoiled by choosing a wrong lawyer earlier
  • They will not let you be tricked into saying or doing anything that would put you into any bad situation making you lose your case or money.
  • They will put everything to keep your case moving along fast and seamlessly
  • They will get you back to your normal circumstances as soon as possible
  • They will provide all possible technical as well as emotional support as much as possible
  • They will charge you the best price for their services.

No matter how guilty or innocent you are, they will be devoted to defend you