What is the Difference between Domestic Violence and Family Violence?

There is not much difference between domestic violence and family violence but to be clear Domestic Violence is between adults who are married but, family violence is a broader term which includes individuals who are related by blood, current of former spouses, parents of a same child or foster parents and children. In Virginia, domestic violence is just another name for family violence which is considered as a pattern of behavior and method to control or have power within a relationship.  According to Virginia Law, family violence includes the five basic categories of abusive behaviors which includes:

  • Physical violence
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Economic control
  • Neglect

The victims of family violence feels vulnerable and too scared to talk back or too afraid to disagree or express her view. The culprit has power over the prey. In most of cases of domestic and family violence the sufferers are female. Usually women affected by domestic and family violence do not enter a connection considering it will become violent. Though sometimes women will pick to make a long-term association when there is abuse occurring.

In family violence the controlling behavior used by other partner to gain and maintain power over other partner includes the following controlling behaviors:

  • Controlling someone’s schedule
  • Not allowing access to phone or monitor phone calls
  • Limit the use of car or doesn’t allow to have a car
  • Not allowing someone to work or continuously calling
  • Not allowing the use of birth control
  • Threating other family members, friends or pets.
  • Property destruction.

All of the above examples of a family abuse are non-physical but controlling behaviors also include physical abuse like hitting, punching strangling etc. other types of controlling behaviors includes sexual abuse, financial abuse, verbal abuse, stalking and isolation. The victims of family abuse can ask for a Protective Order by filling a petition with the Intake Office of Court Service Unit.

Charges of Family Violence cases

There are several offenses that fall under family violence but the most common of them are:

  • Assault (touching offensively) Class C misdemeanor with a fine upto $500.
  • Assault family violence which is Class A misdemeanor with a one year jail and a fine of $4,000.
  • Assault family violence with prior FV sentence is a 3rd degree felony with a prison of 2-10 years and a fine upto $10,000.
  • Continuous family violence is also a 3rd degree felony with a prison of 2-10 years and a fine upto $10,000.
  • Aggravated assault causing serious physical harm with deadly weapon with family violence is a 1st degree felony with a prison of 5-99 years and a fine upto $10,000.

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