Traffic Laws and Enforcement in Arlington County, Virginia

General Description of Arlington Traffic Management

Arlington County is densely populated. With this increasing number of population and connecting roadways to Washington DC, this County is also facing congested traffic on major roads. The heavy traffic has also led to more traffic violations and therefore to strict enforcement of traffic laws and traffic tickets constituting serious penalties. The Arlington County, VA takes serious actions by giving traffic tickets against for moving vehicles’ offenses like reckless driving and DUI that is driving under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.  For the stringent enforcement of traffic laws, the Arlington County, VA also focuses on endpoint traffic management system. The critical operations all over the County is handled by the Arlington’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) with state-of-the-art control system. The center works on improving traffic camera networks, streetlights and traffic signals to have advance transport system and deliver real-time monitoring in the benefit of the citizens. An adaptive real-time responsive traffic signal system with traffic signals having back up power, and critical intersections having 250+ traffic cameras in the Arlington County, provide advance traffic management system. Plus, up to 300 signalized intersections in the County are managed by Transportation Engineering and Operations Bureau.

Traffic Ticket in Arlington County, VA

The Arlington County including the Code of Virginia for Motor Vehicles and Traffic laws has its own set of Code of Arlington for Motor Vehicles and Traffic. The traffic ticket is charged over various violations like DUI, hit-run, exceeding speed limits and reckless driving cases. The Code § 14.2-17 states the condition for which no person in the County can keep the vehicle unless is not able to control the vehicle. Code § 14.2-1 of Arlington narrates the adoption of state law § 46.2-1313 of the Code of Virginia and Code § 14.2-1.1 its definitions. Traffic ticket is also given when the regulations under the Code § 14.2-20 are not followed which states the guidelines for the drivers on the roads and highways when there explicitly marked and divided lanes for the traffic movement. The Code § 14.2-12 (A) of Arlington defines the maximum and minimum speed limits. The normal speed limits are 25 miles per hour all highways and for some specific highways the speed limit varies from 30 to 65 miles per hour.  The traffic ticket is given when the speed exceeds 5 miles per to speed limit and constitute the fine up to ($200.00) under the Code § 14.2-12(F).

Where offenses like DUI and reckless driving constitutes serious penalties like jail fine and suspension of license. A traffic ticket for reckless driving is charged when the driver is found guilty of damaging property or person under the code of Virginia § 46.2-852.