Solicitation of a Minor in Fairfax Virginia

Crimes which relate or depend upon minors being the victim can have severe consequences or punishments under the law of Fairfax Virginia. The offender can be guilty of the offense and he has to be at least 4 years older than the victim. An adult who engages in or solicits with the intention to engage in or cause someone else to engage in a sexual act with a minor is definitely guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. With the crime of solicitation of a minor in Fairfax Virginia on the rise, children are especially at risk due to a range of vulnerability-enhancing common factors such as:

  • Internet
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feel awkward
  • Sexual addiction
  • Being confused about their personal identity or sexuality.

Some of these common factors may even include socially and economically difficult situation and those with prior sexual abuse and exploitation. The victims often feel lonely or feel alienated from their parents. Gender can also seem to be a risk factor to cause solicitation of a minor in Fairfax Virginia. More girls are vulnerable than boys to be harmed through cyberspace interactions. However, boys are featured more in pornographic images in the solicitation of a minor in Fairfax Virginia crime. Offenders of solicitation of minor in Fairfax Virginia crime can be categorized as sex offenders and child pornographers. Before the advent of the internet, many people were arrested for the possession of child pornography and were actual child abusers as well. Solicitation of a minor offenders are usually males who come from all socio-economic and racial backgrounds. Many of them are skilled in the digital manipulation to create pornographic illicit content and material of minors.

Other class of category of offenders of solicitation of a minor in Fairfax Virginia includes being from the victim’s family. Most common from them are grandparents, uncle or aunt, stepparents or parent’s intimate partner. In the remainder of cases, the offender can also be an acquaintance of the neighborhood or community member, friend or relative of the victim’s parents. Most of this offender threaten the victim in performing sexual acts. Minor children are easy targets for cyberstalkers, also known as sexual predators, who sexually victimize them. Victims of family offenders tend to be younger than acquaintance victims.

Identifying the Main Cause of Solicitation of a Minor

With an analysis of solicitation of a minor in Fairfax Virginia cases, for which internet has played a role for the offender and the victim relationship, which initiated and is conducted online to spread to other users. The case of solicitation of a minor in Fairfax Virginia involves online sharing or distribution of child pornography content. In addition to that, it also involves the face-to-face relationship between the offender and the victim prior to any use of the internet in committing this abuse.

However, it is also a fact that sex crimes against minors are also committed by the acquaintance of family members. The difficulty lies in the fact that there is no easy way to recognize an offender in the solicitation of a minor in Fairfax Virginia unless and until the victim speaks out of fear.

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