Richmond Virginia Driving Without Registration Lawyer

In Virginia, a person is expected to carry valid and registered motor vehicles on the highway. The driving laws in Virginia are very strict and they carry harsh penalties.

The most important thing one should do if they are charged with a driving without registration ticket is that they should immediately study what are the penalties for driving without registration in Richmond, Virginia. If you are caught driving without registration in Richmond, you are going to face multiple consequences that will not only be expensive but they would even cause you inconvenience such as fines, court fees, and court visits. However, a Richmond Virginia lawyer can help you get rid of such charges or help you in mitigating the fines for driving without a valid registration.

Understanding the motor vehicle’s registration laws in Richmond Virginia  

It is always important for a driver to carry the details of vehicles’ registration with him while driving in Virginia. The proof of vehicles’ registration is very important as if they won’t carry it with them, they might be charged with the fines of driving an unregistered vehicle

According to the Virginia code 46.2 titled as “Motor Vehicles”, section 46.2-600 titled as “Owner to secure registration and certificate of title or certificate of ownership.”

“Except as otherwise provided in this chapter every person who owns a motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer, or his authorized attorney-in-fact, shall before it is operated on any highway in the Commonwealth, register with the Department and obtain from the Department the registration card and certificate of title for the vehicle. Individuals applying for registration shall provide the Department with the residence address of the owner of the vehicle being registered. A business applying for registration shall provide the Department with the street address of the owner or lessee of the vehicle being registered. At the option of the applicant for registration, the address shown on the title and registration card may be either a post office box or the business or residence address of the applicant. Unless he has previously applied for registration and a certificate of title or him is exempted under 46.2-619, 46.2-631, and 46.2-1206, every person residing in the Commonwealth who owns a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer, or his duly authorized attorney-in-fact, shall, within 30 days of the purchase or transfer, apply to the Department for a certificate of ownership.”

What is the requirement of motor Vehicle department of Virginia for Registration of a vehicle?

In order to register a vehicle, you need to comply with the needs of the department of motor vehicle Virginia. The DMV has imposed laws that every vehicle needs to be registered within 30 days of purchase. If a person fails to comply with any of the DMV registration laws, he will not be able to get the registration and will even be charged with multiple fines and charges.

In order to get the registration of the vehicle, a person should show the following information:

  1. Title of the vehicle
  2. Liability insurance
  3. Payment of the Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee
  4. Renewal of the Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee