Reckless Driving Attorney in Fairfax County

For the charges of reckless driving that are associated with the speeding scenario of more than 80 mph, most the individuals will face a conviction for reckless driving and it is not very often when these charges are reduced by the Courts or Prosecutor. The two major factors that can impact the judgment for the charge of reckless driving in Fairfax County is the history of any previous charges against the offender or the actual speed against which the allegation was made. If there is a previous history of traffic violations on your record than it is most possible that you will face heavy fines, possibly a jail sentence and license suspension. Therefore it is advisable to hire a reckless driving attorney in Fairfax County. If you have a reckless driving attorney by your side, that your case for reckless driving in Fairfax County will be assessed by the Commonwealth Attorney for that courtroom and the reckless driving attorney in Fairfax County will get the opportunity to discuss a plea bargain and it is most possible that the charges will be reduced to a lower traffic violation such as speeding ticket or improper driving.

There are more than 10 judges that preside over the cases in Traffic Court of Fairfax County. In addition to them there are a large number of substitute and retired judges, who may be called upon to hear the traffic cases on any given day. The sentence for these matters can differ accordingly to the severity of the incidents. The factors considered by the judges in the decision include the driving record of the offender, actual speed, time of the day, traffic situation, weather and furthermore based on actual incident. In some cases, people will try to evade reckless driving charges or speeding tickets by installing radar detectors or jammers in their vehicle. Because it is illegal to have such a device on hand while driving, it can lead to further penalties for an individual. If you are the one who have been charged for the offense of reckless driving for the first time, and you do not have any idea where look for further assistance, the reckless driving attorney at our firm can provide you with complete support and offer the best possible solution.