Prince William Virginia Drug Crime Lawyers

Unlike in others states of the US, drug charges are treated severely in Prince William County. Simple possession of the trivial illicit substance is regarded as a felony in the city. Though charges of drugs do not involve any victim or do not cause any injury, it is considered as a serious criminal offense. Drug charges are classified into Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 in which different types of drugs, such as, possession of marijuana, cocaine, hemp, etc. have their respective adverse consequences. Both the schedules are punishable by 12 months of jail imprisonment with a maximum fine of $2,500. Those who are found with these substances suffer subsequent mental illness due to rigid probe from investigating authorities as well as their parents and friends come across social humiliation.

Deaths in Prince William County due to excessive use of heroin and cocaine are increasing, and in effect, the local and state authorities have become aggressive against drug offenders. If a common person is apprehended on drug charges, it is not possible for him to fight against the charges independently and he does surely need Prince William Virginia drug crime lawyers. He is bound to put up with complex legal proceeding during and after his arrest. In the pre-trial investigation, he goes through some drug testing. Moreover, he is kept under supervision until the court summons him for his case. He has ample time between his apprehension and his first appearance before the judge. In between, he has the best opportunity to fight against his charges by consulting some of best Prince William Virginia drug crime lawyers and discuss his case with them.

If you are the first time offender of drug charges, there is much probability that you do not suffer long-term incarceration and a monetary penalty. Nevertheless, there is not guarantee. You may also be asked to complete some diversion programs so that you avoid taking drugs thereafter. By hiring Prince William Virginia drug crime lawyers, you can be ensured of having some options to either dismiss charges or reduce them. Drug crime lawyers do also have other options, i.e., they may propose plea bargain deal to the prosecutor to dismiss the case at the earliest. Moreover, he can challenge false accusations against you if you have been charged with little possession of the drug. Therefore, the guidance of Prince William Virginia drug crime lawyers is the sole option available to you to retain your professional life and save your parents’ reputation.

Most teenagers fall prey to drug charges that they remain unaware of its physical and environmental effects. Perhaps no one could be by their side to guide and refrain them from taking illicit drugs. Ultimately, they become compelled to face judicial proceedings against them. Only Prince William Virginia drug crime lawyers can support you in this situation and only he is capable of saving you from negative outcomes against your case. Thus, by consulting a lawyer, you will be able to carry on your life in a healthy manner as well as prevent yourself from further humiliation and taking drugs in future.