Juvenile Felony Charges in Fairfax Virginia

People have some confusion when they relate juvenile laws and its treatment with adult laws. In this regard, it is important to acknowledge the fact that juvenile laws are carried out on young children and teenagers who come under the age of eighteen years of age. The minors are prosecuted for the breaking of the laws. In this respect, the treatment of juvenile is different from the adults. The harsh penalties restrict juveniles to commit crime further in their life. However, there are certain privileges, which are driven away from the adults, are confidentiality of minor is names and presence of parents at the time of the investigation. If your child is accused of a juvenile crime, then there is a possibility to face Juvenile Felony Charges in Fairfax Virginia. It is crucial to hire an experienced attorney to handle the case and prepares a strong defense to defend the accused child against the allegations.

Juvenile Felony Charges in Fairfax Virginia

A child who commits a crime under the age of 18 years confronts proceeding in juvenile courts. When a minor violates the criminal law, it changes the scenario and makes it equivalent to an adult who breaks the similar law. It has been observed that sometimes-juvenile courts seem more lenient as compared to adult courts. But sometimes they take strict action against the commitment of the crime. There is a possibility that juvenile confronts Juvenile felony charges in Fairfax Virginia. The crime includes burglary, robbery, illegal drugs, violent sex crimes, grand theft, and murder. These are those crimes, which can charge a person for a felony with the punishment of 1-year imprisonment. The commitment of felony turns juvenile into an adult. Juvenile felony charges in Fairfax Virginia become part of person’s life and remain there in the criminal record. The conviction of crime completely ruins the future and life a person. It has been seen that those juveniles convicted felony and misdemeanor usually send to Virginia Department of Juvenile justice for almost three years. Further, they can be considered for committing serious felony crimes, and the court can announce sentence as their punishment. It becomes crucial to take the assistance of the lawyer who is aware of legal complex issues and can handle the skillfully to safeguard the future of your child. It will be a wrong decision to handle Juvenile felony charges in Fairfax Virginia on your own.

Penalty for Felony

If your child has committed a felony at the age of 14, he\she loses an opportunity to keep a firearm on a permanent basis and can be prosecuted for keeping firearm even after the conviction of a felony. The commitment of serious felony can cause your child to face 1-year imprisonment. These are some crucial aspects of juvenile felony charges in Fairfax Virginia that can trap your child in its web, and it is not easy to get out of it without the help of an expert lawyer.

Consult a Lawyer

The seriousness of the crime that associates it with a felony can ruin the future of your child. The lawyers of Fairfax are expert in handling such crucial crimes. If your child accuses of such heinous crime, it is highly recommended to consult the lawyer who can restore the reputation and safeguard the future of your child.