How Virginia Court Treats Solicitation for Prostitution?

Solicitation for prostitution happens when an individual offers/accepts to offer money or equivalent benefit to another person in exchange of a sexual act. Both prostitution and solicitation for prostitution charges in Virginia are strict and harsh.  Often people confuse prostitution as a victimless crime as the act of solicitation and prostitution both occurs with mutual consent. However, States consider it as an illegal and unethical act of turning any kind of sexual activity into a service. In states’ chapter 8 of title 18.2 prostitution is defined as:

“Any person who, for money or its equivalent, commits adultery, fornication or any act in violation of 18.2 – 361, or offers to commit adultery, fornication or any act in violation of 18.2 – 361 and thereafter does any substantial act in furtherance thereof”

Therefore, the two bold category of this code states that both prostitution and solicitation are a criminal offense in the eyes of state and the solicitation for prostitution charges in Virginia are similar to the charges of prostitution as both are equally punishable for the criminal offense. So if you are charged for solicitation for prostitution you need to contact an experienced Sexual defense lawyer for your defense as solicitation for prostitution charges in Virginia are quite humiliating. If the accused person is found guilty for committing solicitation for prostitution that he is subjected to an year-long imprisonment and a fine of almost $2500 as it is considered as a class 1 Misdemeanor however this can even lead to class 4 felony in extreme cases such as solicitation for prostitution with a minor.

How can court prove my solicitation for prostitution charges in Virginia?

In order to understand the charges one needs to understand how does the court/ prosecutor collects evidences for solicitation. When a person pays for any sexual activity an agreement is signed between both the parties with their mutual consent. Solicitation means that an intention of encouraging someone to commit the crime was present irrespective of the fact that the sexual activity actually took place or not. Taking the prostitute to the hotel or even withdrawing the cash amount with an intention to exchange it with the prostitute are enough evidence for placing solicitation for prostitution charges in Virginia.

What are the penalties for solicitation for prostitution charges in Virginia?

If you are charged with solicitation charges in Virginia your punishment will vary with your case and its sensitivity. The common punishment ranges from a year imprisonment and/or a heavy fines of $2500 maximum along with court fees. The Person who is found guilty for solicitation for prostitution has to go through a compulsory AIDS education course and an AIDS HIV test. Other minor level punishment includes taking up a community service

How to defend the solicitation for prostitution charges in Virginia?

The prosecutors needs to prove to occurrence of solicitation of prostitution in the court with a logical backing. If they failed to provide enough strong evidence such as a video clipping or any witness against you, you have more chances of winning the case already. However, the prosecutors in Virginia court are skillful and they do their best to provide maximum evidences to strengthen their case. Therefore you need an experienced attorney to defend your case in the Virginia court.

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