How to Get a Protective Order in Virginia?

People were roaming and wandering about the roads carelessly in olden days because they were not having any serious fear of their lives and property. But those days have gone because today you are not safe inside the home and outside the home. Progress in technology makes the man and life easier but we are joining the life of forests day by day. The increasing rate of crimes is telling the decreasing civilization rate. Gone are the days when crime was only murders, theft, robbery and kidnapping. Now the situation is very disgusting because sexual assault or rape is getting higher and common these days. It is a thought provoking issued that women are being assaulted in the crime of rape. Girls, women and even small girls are not safe.

There are no limits and boundaries of age and race. Women of all ages are being tortured and they have to face this problem very badly. Girls of 12 years old are even tortured or facing the sexual violence. The ugly fact is that there is no difference of age and race in this crime. White and Brown both women and girls are tortures very badly. To avoid all these situations you may need protective orders.

How to attain protective order?

It is very simple to get it. The victim has to file a petition in Domestic Relation Division of the local court or in the Juvenile Court. Virginia has its own filing process. There are three types of protective orders such as

  • Final Protective order for 2 years
  • Preliminary Protective Order for 15 days
  • Emergency Protective Order for 3 days.

The abuser has to stop the contact to the victim after this order. Hiring a proficient lawyer for dealing the matters of these issues is very important. It needs to be proficient and experienced in dealing with all these matters because a proper planning is required. The methodology of filing a case is used to create a strategy. An efficient lawyer can only manage all these affairs as per the rule and regulations. Using the strategy on all areas of violence is the effective way to avoid defeat. The protective orders issues are very easy to resolve.

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