Family Law Attorney Loudoun Virginia

Family matters can become quite complex and damaging when conflict arise. When family matters of a couple become so extreme and significant, they can even terminate a marriage. In certain cases it becomes necessary to choose separation over living together due to the negative effect the relationship carries, such as domestic violence and adultery.

Did you know that there are other methods of dissolving a marriage besides filing a divorce claim? When the two parties are willing to dialogue and cooperate, mediation is a good alternative. During the divorce mediation process, a neutral party acts as mediator and can help the other two parties decide the terms of their divorce. A Family Law Attorney Loudoun Virginia is a lawyer who specializes in divorce mediation can assist you during this process and encourage a more friendly dissolution.

Divorce Mediation

Obtaining a divorce under family law attorney Loudoun Virginia through mediation prevents lawyers from arguing on behalf of their clients, costs less, is faster and may be less emotional than a divorce before the courts with open conflict.

In mediation, the divorcing couple agrees to hire a lawyer or mediator, and lawyers trained as mediators are also available to support a negotiated divorce settlement. For mediation to work under family law attorney Loudoun Virginia, the couple must be willing to give in, honestly reveal their assets and have relatively fair bargaining power.

Should I hire a mediation lawyer for my divorce?

You will not need a lawyer to represent you in the mediation process, although both parties are allowed to consult a lawyer. But you and your spouse will need to agree to hire a neutral lawyer who is familiar with family law and, preferably, experienced in mediation or counseling in order to facilitate mediation.

What does a lawyer specializing in divorce mediation do?

Without taking sides, your family law attorney Loudoun Virginia specializing in mediation will help you and your spouse resolve the main issues of a divorce such as:

  1. Custody of the children;
  2. Visitation rights;
  3. Child support;
  4. Conjugal pension;
  5. Division of property and debts.

Your attorney specializing in mediation can bring stability to the mediation process by establishing a set fee and a deadline for negotiated decisions to be reached.

Establishing a quiet, cooperative environment for mediation is important so that you and your spouse can concentrate on the issues in question with your interests and those of your children in mind. Your attorney specializing in mediation will do just that.

The mediator will also guide you and your spouse through applicable family law so that you and your spouse can make informed decisions during negotiations.

Unbiased Service and Equitable Outcome

Once your divorce agreement is reached, your family law attorney Loudoun Virginia specializing in mediation will prepare the divorce papers to be approved by the courts. A mediator who is not a lawyer, then the individual may find it difficult to prepare your divorce papers legally or fail to grant you a legally equitable result.