If you are charged with driving without registration offense in Fairfax, VA and you are looking to fight a citation for your vehicle’s citation, you must contact and consult a Fairfax Virginia driving without registration lawyer.

Having a Fairfax Virginia driving without registration lawyer by your side will help you go through the court proceedings. The defence lawyers know all the ins and outs of the traffic court and the court deals with the driving without registration cases.

Speaking and discussing your case with an experienced and skilled Fairfax Virginia driving without registration lawyer will assist you completely and will explain all the options you have for contesting a violation.

DMV is a department in Virginia that monitors insurance and registration of a vehicle through an electronic verification program. If DMV determines that you have been driving a vehicle without its registration, you will be subjected to a penalty fine of at least $500. In addition to this, driving without registration in Fairfax can even result in suspension of your license and you will face the loss of driving privileges. Moreover, a person driving without registration can also be convicted of a Class 3 misdemeanour. There can be other charges depending on the offense that can be discussed with Fairfax Virginia driving without registration lawyer for complete legal information. Knowingly driving an unregistered vehicle is a serious offense and can lead to severe punishments.

Driving an uninsured vehicle is also a serious traffic violation offense in Fairfax, Virginia. A person who drives a vehicle without its proper insurance will also be charged with penalty fine of up to $500. However, the Virginia state law gives the drivers an option to pay $500 UMV fee who are willing or are unable to afford the insurance of a car. This will fulfill your financial responsibility and the state will allow you to drive an uninsured vehicle for 12 months at your own risk, as it will not provide you with any protection of insurance. It will just give you the freedom to drive an uninsured vehicle at your own risk without any penalties or charges. Moreover, if you intend to get your vehicle insured in less than 12 months, the fee will also be reduced.

It is important to keep in the notice that this fee is expired at the same time as your vehicle registration and it has to be paid again for the renewal or after the period of 12 months is over.

If you are found driving without registration in Fairfax, VA and your UMV fee are not paid, then according to the law of Virginia, before you are charged with a penalty or suspension of license, you will be granted an administrative hearing.

Fairfax Virginia driving without registration lawyer helps the accused and convicted of driving without registration offense. These lawyers make sure that you get away with the charge as soon as possible. By establishing a strong defence against the charge, the defence attorney makes sure to carry out the best outcome possible.