Court Consequences of First DUI in Virginia

In Virginia, a conviction for a DUI has serious and mandatory penalties. If you are charged for DUI for the first time, it can be a very frightening experience. You may not have any idea about court consequences you may face as a first time offender for DUI.

In Virginia, first DUI offense is categorized as class 1 misdemeanour and find ranging from $250 to $2500 is imposed on the offender. Under the new law, the license is also suspended for one year. If the offender is arrested with a BAC higher than 0.15 %, the punishment increases and a sentence also include a minimum of five-day jail sentence.

If you are worried about court consequences of first DUI in Virginia, you should know that the penalties for first DUI in Virginia include:


For first DUI, there is no mandatory minimum jail time, but the offended can be punished up to 12 months jail sentence on the basis of aggravating factors such as extremely high blood alcohol (BAC) or if the offender is under the age of 17.


In Virginia, the minimum fine for first DUI offense is $250, but the fine can range up to $2500 depending upon aggravating factors.

Court Costs

Offender of first DUI is also required to pay the court costs and failure to do so results in suspension of driving license

Virginia ASAP

Virginia courts have made it compulsory for First DUI offenders to complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP). The program includes weekly class, random drug and alcohol testing and payment of fees. Failure to complete the program, can land one in more serious court consequences

License Suspension or Revocation of the Driver

The driving license is automatically suspended for 7 days when one is arrested for a DUI or refuse to take the chemical test for breadth analysis. The suspension of driving license is made upon administrative suspension Code §46.2-391.2. In case of conviction of first DUI offense, the driving license is revoked for a year.

Criminal Record

A first DUI is a Class 1 misdemeanour and permanent criminal records of the Driver is marked with a conviction.

Ignition Interlock

Offender of first DUI is prohibited from driving any care not having an Ignition Interlock. Also restricted license is not issued to the driver if any car registered under his name does not have an Ignition Interlock device.

The legal system of Virginia remains very active in punishing offenders of DUI. In case of first DUI, your negligence of the charges and penalties can land you in serious court consequences. If you are charged with first DUI in Virginia, and don’t know the legal consequences, the SRIS, P.C Maryland & Virginia attorneys can help you in every legal matter and provide you the best advice to remain safe from heavy penalties.

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