Can A Realtor Help With Court Cases In Virginia? How to Avoid Getting Into a Legal Combat?

When it comes to real estate transactions such as buying or selling of property in Virginia, most of the people associated with the process, especially the buyers and the sellers tends to hire the services of a realtor to help them in the process. There has been a number of legal issues that could raise a conflict between the two parties associated in the real estate transaction that could end up in court of Virginia if there is an incidence of fraud such as camouflaging the property flaws or breach of sales agreement. If only a realtor is handling the entire process, the question that could rise in this regard is, could a realtor help with court case in Virginia? Realtors are authorized to practice law in a very selective manner. A realtor could fill out the forms that are prepared by real estate lawyers. Anything apart from that, which is related to legal aspects of the real estate transaction would be deemed an illegal practice of law because realtors are not licensed to offer any sort of legal help or advice. This eventually means that realtors are unable to even provide an answer to a legal question, even if they are aware about the answer, yet alone offer help with court cases in Virginia. Therefore, one thing must have been particularly clear by now that a realtor is not authorize to provide legal support to either party in a real estate transaction and neither a realtor could help with court cases in Virginia.

While realtors do not have the authority to help in court cases in Virginia and other legal matters associated with property, still when it comes to real estate transactions in Virginia, most of the people think of hiring a realtor who could be a valuable resource specifically for the buyers to work for finding their desired property within the price limit of the buyers. Realtors hold additional education and qualifications in their respective area but that does not cover legal expertise.

To cover the legal aspects of a selling or purchasing property and seeking help in court, in case, an individual should hire a real estate lawyer to look into the matters of title to the property, easements, property boundary lines, etc. With the help of a real estate lawyer, one could handle such situations related with a real estate transaction before time that could end up in court. A real estate lawyer is adept at investigating the ownership background of the property and legal survey and description. Carrying out a real estate transaction with a real estate lawyer would help buyers an assurance that at the time of closing the deal, an appropriate title insurance policy is in place, the buyer completely understands the terms of mortgage and the title to the property is free of any encumbrances like liens, mortgages loans and any pending legal judgments. During the transaction if a real estate lawyer would observe any legal discrepancy, the buyer would be advised not to further proceed until it is resolved. Thus, preventing the chance of getting into a court case.